I’m Alex
Software Engineer

I am a creative head with a passion for Software & Engineering. Like USS Enterprise, I want to go where no man has been before. As Software Engineer, I do that by specializing in designing, developing, implementing and testing software products.

About Me

I'm a highly ambitious and motivated employee and student. An eager and fast learner, forward thinker and creative problem solver. Reliable team worker and respected colleague. A dedicated maker and engaged organizer with excellent academic standing. Thrilled to learn and improve tomorrow's us.
And also this website, because that is a constant work-in-progress.

I love to experiment, understand and learn

That does not only reflect in my academic and professional career, but also in the traits end experiences I've picked up along the way. I'm fluent in English and German, proficient in French and Spanish, and I've got basic knowledge of Chinese (Mandarin). I constantly want to learn, and improve myself, which is why I think:

“What is possessing the knowledge or techniques to get a job done, when you can have the capability to gather all the knowledge and techniques needed to get any job done”

Things in Software Engineering I have added to the list of things I can do until now (without repeating stuff I've already mentioned):

  • Frontend-Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular and/or D3
  • Backend-Development with Node, php and/or SQL-Databases
  • Mobile-Development with Cordova or Flutter
  • Game-Development with Unity or Unreal Engine
  • General-Purpose programming languages like C, C#, C++, Java and Python3
  • General Software-Engineering knowledge like software-architectures, -patterns, and runtime/memory-efficient coding

Additionally, there is also this list of things not necessarily related to Software Engineering, which I consider myself able to do well:

  • Project Management and Agile Methodologies
  • Everyday office skills like MS Office with advanced techniques like VBL, Macros and such
  • Creative image and video editing with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere
  • Additive Manufacturing and CAD-Modelling with Fusion360, Cura and Simplify3D

Virtues I associate most with myself:

Analytic Thinking


Master of Science: Elite Program Software Engineering (1.0)
Technical University Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, University of Augsburg.
Bachelor of Science: Informatik: Games Engineering (1.4)
Technical University Munich
Abitur (1.6)
Hans-Leinberger-Gymnasium Landshut


BMW Group, Munich
Product Owner for a virtual cloud-based car Head Unit connected to the BMW Connected Drive Backend Services. Focus on providing Customer Value for internal BMW Dev Teams that use the virtual Head Unit in their CI/CD Pipelines, and enabling access to the virtual Head Unit via Browser.
KADiCon, Munich
Founded KADiCon UG with a partner, with the intent of digitizing Germany's restaurant landscape which was hit hard during Covid. As CTO in the beginning that meant I worked as the only Software Engineer and programmed the entire system based on Ionic and Firebase. Since then, we acquired another Programmer, which now I am also coordinating with the product vision in mind.
BMW Group, Munich
Work as Operations Manager (and Software Engineer, wherever I can) for the Connected Drive Backend Services and Mobile Applications. Focus on Streamlining Problem Management, Testing & Validation for Agile Software Development in an Automotive Context. What a bunch of words :)
BMW of North America LLC., Oxnard, CA
Internship Testing & Validation of Digital Products & Services Management of, and Participation in Testing and Validation of Digital Automotive Products & Services with Focus on In-Car and Mobile Applications.
BMW Group, Munich
Master's thesis on inter-blockchain communication in the context of car eWallet.
BMW Group, Munich
Cross-department fastlane traineeship. Frontend-development with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Co-Development of a simulation environment with Unity, C# and C++. Research for postblockchain-DLTs. Work on server-side data-reception, filtering, processing and security, Introduction to project management and control of external providers.
Lehrstuhl für Raumfahrttechnik, Technical University Munich
Development of communication protocols for MOVE-II satellite in C and C++.
TUM: Junge Akademie, „Buddies for Refugees“
Organisation and moderation of the lecture series „Einblicke in Einwanderung“. Organisation, planning and scheduling the event modalities. Choosing and contacting the speakers, Moderation of the event (with training).
TUM: Junge Akademie, „Buddies for Refugees“
Projektarbeit Asylum Politics and Democracy. Project lead in an interdisciplinary team. Research on democratic Structures in refugee shelters. Planning, Organizing and Moderating a workshop for refugees.
University Group Unik, Technical University Munich
Gamedesign and Storywriting for a horror-game. Programming with Unreal Engine 4
mc3 AG, Landshut
Work in customer support (German & English) for internet and TV for hotels. Programming Web-based applications with php, HTML & CSS. Installation of internet and TV hardware in hotels.

Scholarships & Stipends

I'm proud of what I've achieved, and thankful for all the support I've had along the way.